Empowering Speech & Changing Lives - The Vision

There are those who can walk into a room and express themselves clearly and with an easy confidence.  They make others smile as they communicate their own thoughts and ideas.  They are in command of their language, their message and how it touches others.  Simply, they have confidence in their speech.

The vision and mission of SpeechSchool.TV is a very simple one:  To provide an ongoing program that will work to build clear and confident speech for every speaker of English who chooses to joins us and in doing so give those speakers an understanding and joy in their communication.

SpeechSchool.TV is for those still learning the language but wanting a finishing course to ensure clear, neutral spoken English.  It is for those who have never felt entirely comfortable in their speech or voice.  It is equally for those who want to reach their full potential and connect with audiences in a magnetic way.

Every day we work to build and create the world's #1 English speech program.  We work to constantly improve and we work to better connect with our students.  Our higher purpose is confidence and joy for every speaker of English, integrity in our service and better communication everywhere.

Throughout your course we welcome your feedback and comments.  We invite you to come and join us and become a Master Speaker of English and a Master Communicator in a world ever seeking clarity.  Empower your speech and change your life.  Welcome to SpeechSchool.TV.

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