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International Received Pronunciation is often considered the most 'unaccented' and beautiful way to speak English and is our most popular program.  This program will help you speak Standard English naturally and change the way you present - providing personal and professional benefit.
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Benefits to the learner:

This program will help you speak more clearly.  While it teaches you this favoured speaking voice, it neutralises your existing accent.  It works on promoting a clear voice, with good articulation and resonance.  It helps to eliminate speech problems such as mumbling, stuttering or a lisp.

Accent softening:

One of the key benefits of this program is accent softening.  If you have a strong accent that is proving an obstacle to your communication, this program will help to soften that accent.  Our experience with students from all around the world and countless different language backgrounds has shown, no matter the accent you begin with, the best approach for accent softening is to learn the purity and clarity of a Standard English accent.

Features of this accent:

● The most preferred and respected accent in the English speaking world, in the UK, USA/Canada and in Australasia.
● Widely considered to be the clearest and most beautiful form of English speech.
● A pure delivery of English that is not linked to any specific region and does not identify the age or ethnicity of the speaker.
● The mode of English speech most taught to Second Language learners.
● Traditionally the accent used by BBC newsreaders and documentary narrators.
● The type of speech associated with educated speakers who have attended top schools and universities around the world.
● Regularly thought to sound 'most intelligent' and 'most educated' in surveys.

● According to research on speech, speakers with this mode of spoken English earn higher incomes compared to those with other accents.
● Throughout international call centres, studies show that Standard English has the lowest rate of errors and highest level of customer preference worldwide.

Suitable for learners:

Native (first language) speakers of English wanting to acquire a clear and 'unaccented' form of English speech that is well regarded around the world.
Second language speakers of English wanting to speak naturally in a preferred accent with minimum of intermediate English level (IELTS 4.5+ or TOEFL 475+).
● Ages 11+ to adult, or child with parent/teacher assistance.


Suitable for clear English speech worldwide.

Program notes:

We teach a modern, international form of RP (Standard English) as spoken by younger adults and suitable for speaking clear English around the world.  We aim to model the most neutral form of pronunciation possible, avoiding traditional forms that may sound 'affected', particularly to regional speakers of English.

Elocution lessons:

This program provides one of the largest and most structured courses in elocution lessons today with proven results for thousands of learners.  Elocution is the study of speaking in terms of pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone.  It is also a key component in Accent Reduction.

What results can I expect?

4 weeks to 3 months:
An appreciation of clear speech and the mode of communication in Standard English has been gained along with the motivation to improve.  Initial improvement is seen in clearer pronunciation and better diction, although not always habitual at this point.

3 to 6 months:
A more neutral accent begins to become evident in normal speech.  The students have more confidence in how to shape their sounds, pronounce words, and speak more clearly with appropriate delivery for Standard English.  Many of the desired speech patterns are becoming habitual.  Increased understanding of the culture and idiom intrinsic to spoken English develops.

6 months to 3+ years:
The accent normalises and habitual speech patterns of clarity and the flow of Standard English become a natural part of the student’s speech.  The student is able to speak significantly more clearly with minimal hindrance of a strong accent or speech impairment.  Strong improvements to confidence and knowledge of speech technique along with the culture and idiom of Standard English continue.

What does the course cover?

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*Speech assessments require a plug-in microphone and cost $29.95 for subscribers ($59.95 for non-subscribers).
A minimum of a 6 month program is recommended to see results.

Program features:

Weekly 10-15 min online TV show training you to speak Standard English, covering pronunciation, flow & clarity.

Most preferred accent in the English speaking world

Regular exercise sheets that you can view anytime or print out and practice daily.

Sound recordings you can download to your PC, iPod or CD for regular practice.

Speech assessments available anytime with a graded report & analysis from qualified voice coach.*

Certificate of Excellence for achieving a professional broadcast standard.

Access to all your current & previous lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Level: IELTS 4.5+ to native speaker (TOEFL 475+).  Age: 11+ to adult or child with parent/teacher

No fixed contract: cancel or change program anytime.
FREE TRIAL: Lesson 1 moneyback guarantee.

Certified Green Course:
All course materials online designed to produce higher performance than classroom

Course Contents
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Monthly Subscription:

FREE TRIAL:  cancel after your first lesson if not satisfied for a full refund

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