Frequently Asked Questions

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How will your program teach me the desired accent?
SpeechSchool.TV programs use a combination of modelling, elocution techniques, exercises and ongoing immersion to impart a new accent to learners over time.  This involves showing you how each sound is pronounced (accent training) and then providing ongoing exercises and training for you to practice that accent while learning the dialect that goes with it.  Essentially it systemises the work of 30 years voice coaching, elocution and accent neutralisation into a program that is economical enough to sustain lasting and authentic change.  The program has won two international awards and has been very successful with students around the world (please see our testimonials).

How long will it take until I see improvement?
You should notice initial changes in your accent and the way you speak within the first few months of putting into practice the techniques.  Within 6 months the accent begins to become more ingrained.  Beyond 12 months it should start to naturalise.  Continuation of the program will maintain and develop your accent and speaking skills. 

Can SpeechSchool.TV effectively replace traditional elocution lessons, speech therapy, voice coaching and public speaking training?
Yes, when combined with regular practice of the exercises, research has shown that the SpeechSchool.TV method provides results at least as good as that achieved through one-to-one sessions with an experienced voice coach but at a much lower cost.  However, if used for speech therapy purposes we recommend using the programs in consultation with a qualified speech therapist.

What age levels is SpeechSchool.TV suitable for?
These programs work very well to develop confidence and presentation skills in younger people through to adults.  The level for accent programs is generally suitable for sole learners 11+ (7+ when assisted by a parent or teacher) and for voice programs 13+ (9+ when assisted by a parent or teacher).

Is my English good enough for SpeechSchool.TV programs?
Our programs have been developed for ESL and native speakers.  For the English Accent program it is recommended you already speak English to an INTERMEDIATE level (IELTS 4.5 or higher).  For the Master Communicator program a more advanced level is recommended (IELTS 5.5 or higher).  All programs will work to improve the level of your spoken English, whether you speak it as a first or second language.

When is my next weekly TV lesson available?
Upon subscribing you will be given access to your first lesson immediately.  Weekly lessons are then delivered by 5am every Monday (US EST time).  You will receive a notification email as soon as your next lesson is ready with a link and access code to the lesson.  Your access code provides single user access only.

What should I do if I have not received my weekly email with an access code for my next lesson?
Firstly, please check your Junk Mail or SPAM box to check that SpeechSchool.TV emails are not being sent there.  Set your email system to accept emails from courses @  Secondly, if you are still unable to find the access email please contact us so we can send it to you manually.

Once subscribed to a program, can I change to another program?
Yes, you can switch programs any time after logging in, simply by completing the form under 'course support' in your customer account.  Please note when you change a program you must start from the beginning.  Many clients like to achieve their desired accent using our Master Speaker program and then go on to develop Advanced Voice skills using the Master Communicator program.

When and how can I pause, cancel or change my subscription?
You may pause, cancel or change your subscription at any time using our subscription alteration form.  Paused subscriptions are still active as they allow access to all previous lessons and subscriber assessments.

May I enrol in two or more programs at one time?
Yes, we also offer a 10% discount on your second program.  Simply subscribe using the add program special.  You will receive your access emails to all programs by 5am every Monday (US EST time).

Do you offer programs in other accents such as Australian etc?
No, from many years of voice coaching we have found the most advantageous accent is International Received Pronunciation or simply 'Standard English'.  Speakers using these accents have also been rated as the most TRUSTED.  Because language is of a fluid nature, the accent you develop, will over time also be influenced by the other speakers you come into contact with.  Please also see our notes on the American Accent.

How can I maintain my speech results?

SpeechSchool.TV programs are designed to sustain ongoing improvement and maintenance.  By continuing to participate you will continue to refine and develop your speech while learning key speech techniques.

When and how often should I undertake SpeechSchool.TV assessments?
We recommend for best results to do an assessment BEFORE beginning a program and then once every three months.

I experience speech impairment in the form of a stutter, lisp, nasality, monotone etc - which program is the best for me?
The Master Speaker program addresses pronunciation, diction and flow and will show you step by step how to speak clearly, thereby reducing language impairment with regular practice.  The Master Communicator program can then be used to help you develop confidence as a speaker.

Is it possible to add a SpeechSchool.TV subscription to my student loan?
In most cases, yes.  Simply use the 'Course Related Costs' allowance in your loan to gain reimbursement for your subscription.

Can I pay for my SpeechSchool.TV subscription without using a credit card?
Yes, we accept bank transfer and debit card payment internationally for subscriptions (minimum 6 months).  This service is available from our annual subscriptions page.

Will my employer pay for my SpeechSchool.TV subscription?
Please check with your employer.  In some instances individuals are reimbursed from HR or Professional Development budgets.  We also offer special arrangements for companies wishing to enrol 4 or more staff.  Click for more info on our services to organisations.

Do you offer account terms for businesses?
Account terms are available for organisations wanting to enrol 4 or more members into SpeechSchool.TV courses.  Please contact us at sales @ to apply for an account.

My subscription has lapsed but now I wish to continue with my program.  May I start from my last lesson?
Yes, providing you renew your subscription within 3 months.  Simply contact us to reactivate your subscription.

How can I obtain a SpeechSchool.TV Certificate?
To obtain a 'Certificate of Broadcast Standard Spoken English', you must have undertaken the Master Speaker course for 58 weeks to reach the 'Elite Subscriber Level' and achieve a minimum score of 85% in the SpeechSchool Examination.

To obtain a 'Master Communicator Certificate', you mast have undertaken the Master Communicator course for 58 weeks to reach the 'Elite Subscriber Level' and achieve a minimum score of 85% in the SpeechSchool Examination.

How do I sit a SpeechSchool.TV Examination?
If you are able to get to a SpeechSchool.TV centre your examination my be done in person.  Alternatively your exam may be conducted using Skype.

When will I receive my exam results and Certificate?
You will be emailed a full written report within 7 days of sitting your exam.  If you achieve the pass mark, a printed certificate will be signed by our Course Director and mailed to you.  If you fail, you may resit the exam after additional training.

How can I view the lessons on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android?
Our video lessons are in Flash video format.  In order to watch these videos on mobile devices, you'll first need to install a Flash enabled browser like Puffin.  Alternatively go to your App store and download the preferred 'Flash browser' for your device.

English Level: IELTS 4.5+
(TOEFL 475)
to native speaker.
Age: 11+ to adul

English Level: IELTS 5.5+
(TOEFL 525)
to native speaker
Age: 13+ to adult