Testimonials - What do others say?

"I've been really happy working with SpeechSchool.TV because I found the course is really easy to use.  There's a manageable amount of work each week.  The main outcome of this course was that to some extent I softened my accent but the main point is I improved my confidence in English.  Now when I talk to people, I don't think I'm that French guy in their face.  Now I'm as able as anyone to speak English and to be honest, that's changed my life."
- Aurelien Gasc, French speaker

"The results I've seen from doing SpeechSchool.TV is that my pronunciation is clearer and I have gained a deeper understanding of my own pronunciation.  I'm able to communicate with others using English more fluently and more enjoyably."
- Wendy Wang, Chinese speaker

"I think the SpeechSchool.TV programs are an excellent tool to help you get your message across more effectively.  And the beauty of it is that it applies to everyone, whether you're a businessperson trying to improve your presentation skills or you're a student with English being your second language, it really helps you get ahead to the next level."
- Sabrina Nagel, Marketing Manager, e-centre Ltd

"The judges felt that SpeechSchool.TV is a great solution to a significant issue - the large numbers of people globally needing to interact well in the English language."

- Rob Spray, CEO, Telecommunications Industry Group

"I have now achieved my goal of gaining a job in my field in London!  Thank you so much for the speech training you provide.  It has neutralised my accent and given me confidence and the ability to present myself well in interview situations.  Due to this I have been able to gain work here shortly after arriving."
- Christina Wong, IT Professional

"I highly recommend this course for those who are, or have hopes to work in the area of communication, or for those who would like to improve their speaking ability.  By enrolling, you will not only markedly increase your understanding of speech and communication, but you will gain confidence and enjoy yourself along the way."
- Andrew Scott, Professional Newsreader, The Radio Network

"Speech training has given me the ability to present myself with confidence, providing the perfect basis from which to develop my career.  It has also given me the ability to feel comfortable communicating with different types of people in any situation."
- Gilainne Sytingco, Graduate Law Student, University of Sydney

"Training in speech helped me a lot, especially as a new immigrant from Taiwan.  It has helped me develop the confidence to speak out and to get my idea across in clear English."
- Cheng Lin, Graphic Designer

"One of the easiest ways to succeed in the work environment is to develop the ability to speak in an effective way in natural English.  The programs used by SpeechSchool have enabled me to do this."
- Hogan Chen, Business Analyst, Fonterra Brands

"I was impressed with the ability of your programs to achieve our brief in developing a stronger and more professional voice for our receptionist."
- Raymond S. Walker Barristers & Solicitors

"Thank you.  You have reduced my accent and helped me to communicate better.  This enables me to get my message across much easier."
- Nitin Dhavale, Mitchell Vranjes

"With the help of your accent program I am now better able to handle callers who may have previously had some difficulty with my accent."
- Elena Tang, Employment Relations Infoline

"Thank you.  I found the programme very helpful in correcting some pronunciation difficulties I was having."
- Reena Kainamu, Auckland, New Zealand

"Love the program!  My pronunciation is improving along with my inflection.  Love your lessons and exercises, I can now hear differences in the quality of my speech."
- Hung Pham, Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for your detailed assessment. I will follow your instructions and advice, and attempt to practice daily to improve my speech. Your speech course is truly very helpful."
- Samy Elgazzar, Athens, Greece

I found your website is a good place to study English."
- Sammi Zhu, Beijing, China

"SpeechSchool.TV is a tool which has universal application to those individuals looking to improve their English speaking skills.  I've been in business a long time, I've worked in many countries and worked with many cultures and in my observation those individuals with whom I have worked who have succeeded are those that have developed good communication skills.  SpeechSchool is a tool which enables those individuals to learn and improve their English speaking skills at a time which is convenient to them.  I can recommend the tool."
- Steve Corbett, CEO, e-centre Ltd

"I am very glad I decided to continue.  After you had send me this email I started practicing one or more times a day and I found out that it works.  I improved my pronunciation but the thing why I am really happy is the fact that I started understanding, after 8 years English study.  I used to attend English courses in our country 2 hours a week on average and I saw progress (creeping progress) in speaking and grammar but not in understanding.  Even after 8 years I had big trouble understanding English.  I understood about 30-40% from my American teacher, but when I visited London this year I understood nothing.  Now, after your 7 lesson I see real improvement in understanding.  It’s very surprising for me that this kind of learning improved my understanding more than listening to radio or watching movies.  Every Monday I am as a child who gets a present and is keen on what the present is.
- Radka Zadova, Prague, Czech Republic

"I now have the freedom and the confidence in my speech I have long wanted."
- Marie Gilbert, Sydney, Australia

"I want to thank SpeechSchool.TV for helping me improve my speech.  Without the help of this company, I do not think that I would be able to be where I am today.  Since the first day I started using this program, I have gained more confidence and clarity in my speech."
- Bruno Zamudio, Lima, Peru

"SpeechSchool.TV has smoothed out my speech.  It's much more pleasant to listen to and easier to understand.  As a result of doing this, it's greatly improved my confidence and I prefer the sound of my voice.  I would recommend anyone to take part in SpeechSchool.TV to understand how they can improve their voice and improve the way that they sound.  It will also improve their accent and may greatly increase their confidence in the way they're speaking."
- Paul Gardner, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

"I am really enjoying the course so far and finding it very helpful in improving the pronunciation of words and clarity of speech."
- Faith Williams, London,
United Kingdom

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