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Learn British AccentMon, 20 Apr 2015 19:39:39 -0700It has been estimated that in Britain alone there are more than 24 different regional accents.  One of the reasons for this, is ...
Everyday Efforts To Improve Your SpeechMon, 27 Oct 2014 14:04:44 -0700In this post, we invited guest blogger Mike Parsons to share his experience on improving English speech for new speakers of the ...

Results being achieved at SpeechSchool.TV (update)
An update on the results being seen from the Speech Assessments Department

Globish, the world's fastest growing language
The fastest growing form of English is that used to connect second language speakers

Favourite celebrity voices (BBC Voice Poll)
Participants were asked to rank celebrities in order of how pleasant their voices sound

What do you think of your voice (BBC Voice Poll)
The most wished-for accent is a Standard English accent

Attitudes toward accents (BBC Voice Poll)
It was thought that a Standard English accent would be more beneficial when applying for jobs

A British Accent: the route to success in the USA

Many Brits make it in the US - not all keep their accents

Breaking Down Stereotypes - Asian women speak out
Asian women speak out on "Speaking Up."