Speech Assessments - Get a 3-4 page, in depth analysis and report on your speech

Personalised assessments are an important part of the SpeechSchool.TV learning process, which is why we make them available at any stage during your speech development.  It is recommended to undertake an assessment before beginning your first lesson, so you can be aware of the specific areas that may need work.

All assessments are carried out by a highly trained and experienced SpeechSchool.TV voice coach who will also be available afterwards to answer any questions you may have.  Analysis of your assessment takes us about an hour to do and is provided below cost price for registered subscribers.*

During an assessment, you are given a series of speaking tasks and asked to record them on your computer using a plug-in microphone.  This recording is then sent to SpeechSchool.TV for detailed analysis by one of our voice coaches.

Understand how you sound to others:
As a speaker you are never aware of how you truly come across to others.  We are looking to assess your voice and speaking style in terms of the impact it has on listeners and help you understand the impression your speech is giving out.  This is always best done by an independent person who does not know you personally.
We look at a number of factors including:

Accent identification and the impression created.
Speech clarity in terms of pronunciation and articulation.
Voice quality in terms of tone, resonance and breath control.
Language usage, sophistication, English level and the impression generated.
Speech modulation in terms of pace, pitch, pause, emphasis and inflection.
Diagnosis of speech impairment such as nasality, lisp and stutter for example.
All areas are measured and compared to the level of a professional broadcaster, providing you a graded report by email within 3-5 working days. 

It is a good idea to conduct regular assessments as you feel your speech changing through the program or about once every three months. 

Each of our programs works on the elements covered in the report, so having had a customised assessment helps you learn faster by bringing the key areas for development to the front of your mind.

*You can become a registered user of SpeechSchool.TV now by subscribing to one of our programs.

*To obtain a Certificate, you must have undertaken a subscription of at least 58 lessons and achieve the pass mark in a SpeechSchool.TV Examination.

Voice Assessment by
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Graded Assessment & Speech Report

Certificate for achieving Broadcast Standard*

Speech Assessment:

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