Our Students - Who benefits from SpeechSchool.TV?

SpeechSchool.TV works with ESL and native speakers around the world.  Our learners come from many different backgrounds, including the areas below.  If you fit into one of these groups, it is probable that like thousands of others you will find SpeechSchool.TV training programs of great benefit:

● ESL Speakers and Immigration:

Learning to speak natural English is important for 'English as a Second Language' students.  SpeechSchool.TV programs provide a regular, effective and affordable way to learn to speak English just like a native speaker and be accepted in English speaking societies around the world.

Many immigrants to English speaking countries are highly qualified and very skilled, which is why they are welcomed.  Yet some struggle to find work in their field because their spoken English sounds so different.  This reason is one factor behind the all too common rejection - "the candidate lacks local experience." 

The SpeechSchool.TV Accent Training program helps to NEUTRALISE speech over time, allowing migrants to sound more 'local' and better fit into their new society, removing barriers and reducing stress.

● Native English Speakers:

A recent BBC survey of 5,000 speakers of English as their first language found that 59% wished they spoke differently.  In the US it has been estimated that 1 in 20 native speakers have some form of language impairment. 

SpeechSchool.TV helps people of all ages develop refined neutral accents that are pleasing to listen to, overcome ingrained speech habits such as stuttering and increase their confidence in speaking to others (which can be extremely empowering).  The courses have proven particularly useful for individuals seeking professional advancement.

● Tertiary Institutions and Schools:

Universities and schools in the English speaking world often find that up to a third of their pupils speak English as a second language.  In some cases this can present difficulties in being understood when presenting to staff or working with other students. 

SpeechSchool.TV offers sustained programs that students can be directed to use in their own time to achieve a natural flow in English speech, improving their ability to work within the learning environment.  Also on offer is a dedicated public speaking and Effective Communication program which all students will benefit from. 

SpeechSchool.TV can also be a very useful addition to Home School programs seeking structured learning support. 

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