Speech Writing & Copy Writing: Persuasive speeches and more

SpeechSchool.TV Presenters, Voice Coaches and Course Directors are experts when it comes to communicating with persuasion, charm and flair!  Not only do they teach, they also do - and have won accolades in TV advertising, radio and publishing.  When it comes to getting the words and message right - and communicating it in a manner where it will be acted on, SpeechSchool.TV can help.

Speech Writing

When you have an important speech to deliver and want to ensure your message is going to have the right impact, SpeechSchool.TV is your secret weapon.  We will assign a professional speech writer to your project who will first understand your story and objectives and then craft a beautiful and memorable speech.  Here's a sample of some of the speech writing occasions we have covered:

Sales presentation to a Board of Directors
Persuasive speech to an academic selection panel
Best man and groom speeches at a wedding
Farewell and retirement speeches at a workplace


Copywriting is the art of selling - but instead of selling one-on-one, it turns the sales message into a script that can be delivered to millions of people via media.  Copywriting is the essence of developing a persuasive message.  The success of the copy can mean the difference between no response and an avalanche! 

SpeechSchool.TV copywriters (who have also helped develop our award-winning Master Communicator program) have 'cut their teeth' on millions of dollars in TV, radio and print advertising copywriting.  They know how to understand an idea, product, service or brand and then craft the right words to make it move.  Here's some examples of where our marketing copywriting services have been applied:

● Scripting direct response TV and radio ads
● Copywriting magazine advertorials
● Developing copy for brochures and sales literature

● Copywriting websites

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