Learning English - Program guide:

English Program for immigrants:

If you are struggling with the English language we provide a regular and affordable online video training system to get you speaking clearly and well, like a proficient native speaker.

Time and time again, migrants to English speaking countries ask us, "My English is not too bad.  I'm well qualified, highly skilled and have years of experience in my field.  Why can't I find a job in the UK / Canada / the US / Australia or New Zealand that recognises this?"

The answer is usually that the student's spoken English is more difficult to understand due to accent and they lose out in job interviews to native speakers.  In many jobs, the ability to communicate and establish rapport with customers and other employees can be as important as the work itself.

SpeechSchool's 'Learning English Pronunciation' program on video has been awarded as one of the best ways in which to learn clear, spoken English and help resolve this difficulty for many people.
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English for young adults:

This service is ideal for parents that wish to improve their child's English skills.  I'm sure you know, English is the most learnt 'second language' around the world.  If you want your children to not only learn the language but be able to speak it naturally, clearly and well as an educated native speaker would, then SpeechSchool's online English learning program is ideal for your family.

The video English courses are suitable for children and young adults from the ages of 11 onwards.
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Professional onsite English classes:

Ideal for telemarketing teams or sales people, this package provides advanced onsite English lessons without the cost of employing expensive trainers. 

Simply students can take the video lessons in the workplace, school or at home and gain dedicated training in clear, spoken English.  SpeechSchool has worked with large institutions and companies such as HSBC, Vodafone and Massey University.
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English level of IELTS 4.5+ or TOEFL 475+ is recommended for SpeechSchool courses.

Success stories:

Maxine Wang | Leeds, United Kingdom

English level prior: 55%
English level after: 75%

"My first language is Chinese so naturally when I speak English people will know that.  However now after the course I think I understand how to speak English a lot better and I feel much more confident when I speak to English people and my presentations are also a lot better."
Ahmed Adam | London, United Kingdom

English level prior: 67%
English level after: 82%

"Having lived in the UK for a while, I thought my spoken English was pretty good.  In actual fact I was not doing as well as I could in my current work environment as on occasion people were struggling to comprehend my accent readily.  SpeechSchool has enabled me to speak English in a natural way with good pronunciation and I am thankful for that."
Aurelien Gasc | Paris, France

English level prior: 58%
English level after: 73%

"I've been really happy working with SpeechSchool.TV because I found the course is really easy to use.  There's a manageable amount of work each week.  The main outcome of this course was that to some extent I softened my accent but the main point is I improved my confidence in English.  Now when I talk to people, I don't think I'm that French guy in their face.  Now I'm as able as anyone to speak English and to be honest, that's changed my life."
Wendy Wang | Beijing, China

English level prior: 50%
English level after: 68%

"The results I've seen from doing SpeechSchool.TV is that my pronunciation is clearer and I have gained a deeper understanding of my own pronunciation.  I'm able to communicate with others using English more fluently and more enjoyably."
Trung Pham | Sydney, Australia

English level prior: 60%
English level after: 74%

"It's a really good program and people around me say they can hear the difference in my speaking.  They say I'm a lot clearer and speak more properly.  I think I'm quite a bit easier to understand which is useful because people actually listen when I speak."


Weekly 10-15 min TV show to VISUALLY train

#1 Preferred accent

Regular exercise sheets & summary notes

Downloadable sound recordings (EA)

Online assessment &
feedback system

Certificate for achieving broadcast standard

Access to all current &
previous lessons 24/7

FREE TRIAL: Lesson 1 moneyback guarantee

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