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Becoming an affiliate partner with SpeechSchool.TV is easy.  It gives you the opportunity to market and sell our award-winning courses while sharing in our success by earning ongoing, monthly commission income.  Our affiliates include training establishments, education agencies and online publishers.

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One of the many benefits of becoming a SpeechSchool.TV affiliate is that it allows you to offer high quality English Communication Training to your student base, employees or community and improve communication outcomes.  This can lift confidence and performance in each individual's work, study or personal life.

The steps to join require signing up to our affiliate program (powered by clixGalore) and then requesting your preferred banners and text ads - which you may place in your own websites, blogs, newsletters, emails...

This website offers complete information on our courses.  You can also find more banners and materials in our materials section.  To sign up today and start referring students, simply click on the button below and complete the easy affiliate setup process.

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Once you have joined our Affiliate Program you will be offered a range of banners along with your special tracking code.  Copies of these banners and other materials are also available from our materials section.

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