Offer Online Courses: Provide quality online communication courses to your students

SpeechSchool.TV courses are used by other academic institutions, language schools and training organisations to provide additional online learning to students.  Because our courses are delivered completely online, they can be done in the students' own time to support their existing learning.

Benefits for your training organisation:

Improved student learning outcomes as students doing your courses also gain clear spoken English and persuasive communication skills.

Additional revenue through the option to sell add-on courses to your existing student base while supporting existing learning.

Improved student retention, word-of-mouth and School satisfaction as students enjoy SpeechSchool.TV courses and gain strong personal benefit.

Our award-winning communication courses:

The Master Speaker Program is an online video training course that focuses on how you speak.  It provides a cost effective way to ensure staff can speak clearly with a neutral accent, be understood quickly anywhere in the world and be respected.

2. The
Master Communicator Program is an online video training course that focuses on what you say.  The course is based on proven techniques used in multi-million dollar TV ad campaigns and is taught by a top ad agency Creative Director.  It teaches you how to structure, write and communicate messages that will be memorable!

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