SpeechSchool.TV has made a real difference in people's lives - Find out what it could do for you:

Whether you speak English as your first or second language, SpeechSchool.TV will achieve four things for you:

Increased confidence as a speaker of English.
Better communication with people (giving better job or business results).
Improved results when you need to get your ideas across.
Clear speech in a neutral accent, helping you reach your potential.

Improving spoken English around the world

SpeechSchool.TV was developed in partnership with the ecentre at Massey University to create high quality programs that could replicate individual voice coaching, speech training, accent neutralisation and elocution online.  Using multimedia technology, the School makes ongoing speech improvement available to all who need it and has become the #1 provider of online speech training around the world.

Our success is in the results our subscribers gain
Here's some of our student success stories:

UK based IT Professional gains better job and higher pay by changing accent.
Chinese overseas student gains entry into Medical School based on interview.
● Japanese international student wins her high school speech competition.
Sales Manager for media company dramatically improves quality of presentations to advertising agencies, increasing revenue.

You too can enjoy these benefits.  All it takes is a 10-15 minute TV lesson per week and 5 minutes each day to practice the exercises and listen to the recordings.

While professional speech training and accent/voice coaching can cost $140 (£90) per hour - it requires many hours of teaching and practice to be effective over a long period of time.

SpeechSchool.TV is low cost but the benefits last a lifetime:

At SpeechSchool.TV you can get started with one of our deep immersion training programs for just $29.95 (£19.95) per month.

By combining the key components of our courses (on right) you bring two important forces into play: immersion learning and continuous exposure.  This ensures your speech and presentation skills develop at the right pace each week, providing personal and professional benefits for you, wherever you speak English.

Join the path to beautiful speech - learn more about our programs today:


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Programs include:

Weekly 10-15 min TV show to VISUALLY train

Regular exercise sheets & summary notes

Downloadable sound recordings (EA)

Online assessment & feedback system

Certificate for achieving broadcast standard