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SpeechSchool.TV Announced Country Winner

Simon Angelo from SpeechSchool.TV accepts the Technium Challenge Country Winner Trophy from Lesley Griffiths, Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation & Skills, Welsh Assembly Government.

The Technium Challenge is an annual competition run by the Welsh Assembly Government. It was set up in 2006 to encourage international science and technology companies to develop business strategies for the UK market.

SpeechSchool.TV entered the annual business planning competition with the goal of tapping into the hugely important UK market, and is now looking to use the award to connect with academic and business organisations who would prove to be very valuable customers.

SpeechSchool.TV is the leading provider of dynamic speech training. It offers a subscription based Internet TV Channel that is the result of over 30 years’ learning and practice in the area of English speech training and accent/voice coaching.

Since its launch the online-based voice coaching service has received great responses from subscribers who credit the service with helping them to improve confidence, enhance employment prospects and convince others of their ideas much more easily.

"The results I've seen from doing SpeechSchool.TV have been great.  My pronunciation is clearer and I have gained a deeper understanding of my own pronunciation. I am now able to communicate with others using English more fluently and am finding it more enjoyable,” a Chinese speaker from Massey University, Wendy Wang, said.

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