Speech Assessments

How does your voice sound to others?
How strong is your accent?
A graded assessment from an expert SpeechSchool.TV voice coach can tell you.

Our 3-4 page reports assess the following areas:
  • • Accent identification and the impression created.
  • • Speech clarity in terms of pronunciation and articulation.
  • • Voice quality in terms of tone, resonance and breath control.
  • • Language usage, sophistication, English level and the impression generated.
  • • Accent identification and the impression created.
  • • Speech modulation in terms of pace, pitch, pause, emphasis and inflection.
  • • Diagnosis of speech impairment such as nasality, lisp and stutter.
Public assessments are available:

Full graded report done in 3-5 working days

USA & World:    $117 USD

Alternatively, if you join our programs, these are available at a substantially reduced rate.
Private speech training is also available from our English speech expert (London).
Please enquire on sales @ speechschool.tv