Beyond Learning English

We believe learning the English language (or growing up speaking it) is only half the path to becoming a great speaker. You may be learning English, speak English every day but still not feel confident with your speech, voice or accent.

That’s where our programs come in. Our video based English speaking lessons achieve:
  • 1. Increased confidence as a speaker of English.
  • 2. Better communication with people = better results.
  • 3. Ability to persuade, and influence.
  • 4. Clear speech in a Standard English (neutral accent)
Results: - improved speech and accent reduction

From our graded assessments, most of our students achieve a 20% impovement in their speech or accent clarity over a 3 month period.


SpeechSchool.TV was developed in 2009 with assistance from the ecentre at Massey University, a business hub at a leading university with over 36,000 students. It was the first online English school to use video training to successfully target accent reduction. The only dedicated English speech school to offer complete audio visual training with moderated assessment, SpeechSchool.TV has become the world's leading provider of online speech training.

SpeechSchool.TV was a country winner in the Technium Challenge UK 2010.


Simon Angelo

BCom, BA, ATCL (London)

A graduate of The University of Auckland and Trinity College London, Simon is an awarded entrepreneur and finance professional. The professional services business he founded was ranked in the top 10 by the National Business Review. He is also the author of three books and has a background in business and communications training. For private training and consultancy please contact sales @