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SpeechSchool.TV provides high quality videos and resources to a large number of students around the world and this requires us to host considerable content in the form of lessons and recordings.  We are on a mission to make this the best speech training program in the world.

To ensure the integrity of subscriptions and fastest possible downloads for our subscribers we routinely monitor number of views and the computer addresses that access each program.

Subscriptions are for single users only on one computer.  We routinely check IP addresses and abuse or sharing of any access code will result in billing for additional estimated users.  If you require multi-user access please s
ee our partner info.

Please understand that our policy is to protect our subscribers and the intellectual property that has been years in development.


Why is my IP address
being recorded?

In order to ensure the fastest possible downloads we conduct some random monitoring of access.

Your privacy is protected.  We will never share your information with anyone.

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