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Notes on the American Accent - Now incorporated in our Standard English Master Speaker program

When SpeechSchool.TV first opened we offered a course dedicated to the American Accent (presented by Tami Smith & Natalie Stettler).  However in 2010 we made the decision to close this course in order to concentrate on a sole Master Speaker Standard English program for all learners wanting clear speech and a neutral accent regardless of their language background.

One of the main reasons for this was that the majority of our students, even in the USA & Canada preferred to subscribe to the Standard English course in order to gain a more pure basis for their spoken English.

Moreover, when learning the principles of Standard English pronunciation it is relatively easy to adapt that to any English speaking environment, whereas the American accent tends to be more regionally based.

Success over there: Joss Stone, Sean Connery, Jane Leeves in Frasier, Simon Cowell, Parminder Nagra in ER, Ant and Dec, Emma Thompson and Gordon Ramsay

A British Accent: The route to success in America?

Research suggests that a pure English accent is more preferred in the United States and Canada than any of the home grown American accents.

The preferred voice for international call centers:
The international Contact Center industry has also been looking to standardise the mode of speech used over the telephone.  Studies show that Standard English has the lowest rate of errors and highest level of customer preference worldwide. 

*Speech assessments require a plug-in microphone and cost $29.95 for subscribers ($59.95 for non-subscribers).
A minimum of a 6 month program is recommended to see results.

Program features:

Weekly 10-15 min TV show to VISUALLY train

#1 Preferred accent

Regular exercise sheets & summary notes

Downloadable sound recordings (EA)

Online assessment & feedback system

Certificate for achieving broadcast standard

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